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18 Years Today!

Today is my 18th anniversary of my transplant.  I wrote a Discussion and posted it but it disappeared. So here we go again. Last year was a challenge but I am still going. I got new transplant drs close to home. I had been traveling to Salt Lake City, UT where I was transplanted all these years. Now all my doctors have retired or moved so it was just to expensive and too far to go. I am now with Dignity Health in Phoenix at St. Joseph's Hospital.

A little mote fatigue and some strength lost this past year but I am trying to regain some weight and working on a new exercise routine. 

Good health to all! 


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  • Wonderful news, do you have a cadaver or living donor organ?  What meds do you take for immunosuppression?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks all for the kind words. At 70 y/o it is hard to keep up exercising and doing the things I like that keep me going. I forgot to say that these 18 years have been such a blessing since I have had the opportunity to see my son grow to a successful businessman and actor. I am lucky to have a wonderful wife who always supports me, and my friends. Unfortunately at my age I have lost many really good, old friends but that's life.   I cannot forget my dog, Charlie, a Springer Spaniel who stays by my side. :-)

    FYI, I always have been an avid reader and just finished Steve Jobs Biography. I highly recommend this amazing book about someone who also had a liver transplant and drastically changed 9 industries before his early demise.  

  • WOW!! Congratulations! Keep on achieving! Visit us here more often.

  • 18 years  .... priceless  ....

       Simply Awesome !   Congrats my friend !    here's wishing you and your family all the best  ..

  • Congratulations Maverick, may you enjoy many, many more in good health!

  • It’s awesome. Wish you the best.
  • Congratulations 

    • Thanks!

  • Congratulations on your transplant anniversary! May you have many more opportunities to rejoice in the future! Best of wishes to you. 

    Warm regards,


    • The Dignity Health Care in Phoenix does more lung transplants than UCLA and the Cleveland Clinic together! I think they are very good with lungs and feel confident they can be good liver doctors for me. 


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