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What a relief

My WBC and creatinine have been slowly rising for the last few months. I wasn't too worried about the cr. because I was very sedentary for a while and have now been building up my muscles. But my WBC had gone from in the 5s to in the 8s. So I've…

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6 Replies · Reply by Bill Jun 15, 2013

Solumedrol & Diabetes


My husband got transplanted on 11th Feb 2013. He experienced borderline acute rejection in May 2013, for which doctor treated him with 3 injections of solumedrol (Pred)

Now, since his treatment with solumedrol he is suffering from…

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3 Replies · Reply by Timsy May 30, 2013

Wbc of 14000.

HiAm 2 years and 6 months post renal transplant. My wbc levels have been slightly above normal for 9 months. Recent labs my wbc went upto 14000.With high neutrophils.I have acne which is severe at times.Creatinine levels have been normal. I missed…

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2 Replies · Reply by Cisco May 22, 2013


 I am particularly frustrated today. I have been running a low grade fever for almost three weeks and nobody can figure out why, or how to stop it. I have a kidney transplant of five years, which is working beautifully, with the exception of…

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9 Replies · Reply by Kim Apr 27, 2013
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