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Before my transplant I was told about all the things I would need to avoid eating after the operation as I'm sure all of you were as well. For me they range from no biggie (grapefruit) to heartbreaking (sushi), but when it comes to beef I had one…

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Hi Everyone-

Is anyone aware of any organizations that can help with transportation to and from the hospital?  I live in NJ and bring my brother into NYC for a weekly "tap".  The trip is about an hour each way and the procedure can take 3.5…

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7 Replies · Reply by Jen Jul 14, 2016

Depression ?

Had a liver transplant in Nov. 2014 so almost a year and a half. Not sure if depression is what I'm dealing with, because I've never been a depressed person prior to transplant. But I notice my fuse is a lot shorter and just seems I'm down on myself…

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18 Replies · Reply by Chris Sep 1, 2016
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