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Aches and Pain

Hello all,Im 4m post transplant but I still get aches and pains in my body . I get tired so easily . Have been doing walks each day n try to be active but these aches n pain dont seem to go . Did anyone had same situation?

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  • Hello A. Basin - I'm one year post-transplant and still have pains in my liver area.  It's from the scar tissue that forms after surgery with all the cutting and work they have to do inside.  My doctor tells me I may have to live with that the rest of my life.  It does help though to try and get at least 30 minutes a day walking on the treadmill or somewhere comfortable.  Let it just be a reminder of how blessed you are to get this life-saving gift.  Take care.

    Liver Transplant 7-2015

  • Hi all - Not sure if this applies to anyone here but if you are taking a Statin drug AND Tacroliumus, be aware that there is an interaction that causes myalgias.  Post transplant I had severe pain (periformis syndrome, impinged rotater cuff, severe tendonitis, and more).  My doctors finally stopped the pravistatin and the pain level improved dramatically.  It got even better when my Tacro dosage / level was lowered  I still notice that I get tendon inflammation when my Tacro level spikes. They tried to put me back on a Statin and the intense muscle pain came back.  Congrats on your new, happy lung!

  • I am 8 months post, and I am achy everyday.  Some days I feel like I am walking on somebody else's legs( insert transplant joke there) The docs tell me to stay active and that will help I walk 1-2 miles each day and it does not seem to help a bit so you are not alone.  That being said my new lung is great and I am eternally grateful to my donor and family.

  • I am 4 months post transplant as well and although I have tons of energy, I seem to tire out. Lately, I've been very tired - Probably because I'm totally overdoing it. I also get what almost feel like growing pains shooting through my legs and arms. My pain does go away but comes back. I always attribute it to the vast arsenal of meds I'm on and the fact that I should take it easy a little more. I have to remind myself that I did just have a transplant and somebody else organ is keeping me alive :)

    • Stephanie,
      At four months your mind is way ahead of your body. I am 13 years post liver transplant and remember feeling like you. It took me almost the entire first year to get my energy back. If you think you are overdoing it and getting tired, slow down and smell the roses. Life is too precious to race thru it. Good luck.
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