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  • I had my kidney transplant June 2009. My creatinine stays around 1.2. I've asked my transplant doctor if I could drink wine occasionally and he explained that alcohol and my drugs ( Gengraf & Myfortic) do not mix. I've done very well the last 8 years so I don't mind giving up my wine. Maybe other drugs doesn't interfere like the ones I take. Take care.
  • I'll have alcohol once a month like 2 glasses of wine when I get together with my gathering.
  • simply quit alcohol. all we need is a healthy lifestyle. alcohol is addictive, you may damage your kidney.
  • Hello Kamlesh,

    Please define occassionally.  One or two drinks at a special gathering will not have an immediate effect on your Tx, though everyone;s definition will be different.  For me, I had long ceased  "occassional" drinking, even before I became ill, so it wasn't a big event to stop completely thereafter.  I was just out of the habit, quite a change from my youth.  There are some medications that will produce adverse side effects if imbibing alcohol.  Your Tx team or your medication data sheet will shed more specific information for you. Moderation is the key with this.

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