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Alocohol post transplant

I'm liver transplant recipient.  The TX team said no alchol post transplant as I have to take good care of my new organ.  I'm Ok with that.  I was never a big drinker anyway.   But really.  One glass of wine on my anniversary is not going to kill my new liver.  

Questions mostly cause I'm just curious:
1. Is the no alcohol thing universal for liver recivers?

2. Is the no alcohol thing apply to other non-liver recipients?

3. Does alcohol interfere with the meds, or is it just the matter of not harming the new liver?

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  • Like you I was not a big drinker.  I asked my doctor about this.  I am a Liver transplant patient and at the time I was maybe 4 years post.  He said that an occasional glass of wine or beer is OK.  I asked him to define "occasional" and he told me two per month, not on the same day.  

    As far as interfering with the meds, I have had my tacro checked the day after having a drink.  The levels were the same.  My doctor is fairly liberal.  He told me it is like eating grapefruit.  Once in awhile is OK, just can't do it everyday.

    Your doctor/transplant center may not have these same rules. 

    • Your doctor said a grapefruit once in a while after transplant on tacrolimus is OK??

      • Yes, occasionally.  Not daily or even weekly.  To me it means nothing because I do not like grapefruit.  My wife even commented after the appointment about that.

  • Actually you CAN drink if you have a kidney transplant but do NOT take your meds with alcohol & give at least a 1 hour ago before you take your meds.

    I'm NOT saying you can get drunk. My Tx team said a few drinks which means 2 to 4 I assume. I'm not a big drinker so it's no big deal for me. I've only drank a hard Lemonade or those tiny bottles of wine but just ONE for the night. I've only drank a few times in the 1.25 years since Tx.

  • alcohol is  a no for me.. end of..just not an issue

  • In 2010 I was told I would need a liver transplant, at that point I stop drinking at all. as to this date my liver has heal a little and with the med I may never have to have transplant. So I say listen to all.  Take Care.

  • the no booze    is all  transplants ...   I to  have a occasional  glass of wine  ... maybe 2 a year   ... Some meds  do   not work right with alcohol  ...   I am sure you read your meds paper work when u refill meds  ... that info  should tell you if a med reacts to Alcohol  ...

       For others that will read this   :   I  CHOOSE  to have a glass or 2 of wine a year , with that said  .. please don't read this thinking you can go and drink ..  Most centers  do not want you consuming any Alcoholic beverage  :   for me  I went  through this process  to live  and really don't want to screw things up , I have a glass of wine on my tx anniversary  and 1  with my GF  on New Years eve . New years eve is a very special and personal day for us , which I will not elaborate on ..

    Please be smart about every thing you do  .. We have ALL done so much  to continue  to ..

    Live Life  ...   so please do what you can  to live this second chance  for as long  as you can  !

  •  Steve

    I am a kidney recipient of 20 years  I have always been told not to drink due to  the immunosuppression meds  I look at it as a no brainer drink and lose my kidney back on dialysis  Nott!! Most recipients have been though a lot to get their organs  Do you really want to take a chance but then again it  is just my humble opinion

    • It IS easier to keep track of if you NEVER drink at all. 

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