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  • I think most of us are on a database where they monitor us for the next generation of transplant recipients or how to handle future outbreaks or side effects. My doctor states that unless there is some massive breakthrough cloning/stem cell or artificial kidney is realistically 20-30 years away-- As kidneyboy suggests that new medication is slowly being introduced that benefits us - As i understand the new big thing is crispr gene editing which may help us in rejections etc even though that isnt the main focus of research -- Even though its been around about 15 years now it is starting to get interesting-- all these take time and take a long time to hit the open market.

  • Happy New Year Manoj,

    Advances in techniques and medications are happening, though seeming painfully slow. These changes are not given to huge breakthrough announcements, rather they become protocols for those following us.  I have been blessed enough to witness changes in the past two decades.

    Because of safety and efficacy demands, long periods of human trials and results need to be analyzed and improvements/adjustments made, before widespread use can happen. This can take years, as with the first implantable artificial kidney, which is about to begin trials at UCSF.  Prospective candidates are being selected at this time.  The advancements like the Nocturnal Dialysis treatments are in wide use now, after many years of test results showing better clearances and fewer diet/side effect issues.  Other members can attest to changes in all types of transplants.

    We are a very finite group, research and development of newer medications takes time and costs vast sums of money, with pharmaceutical companies trying to strike a balance between profitability, safety, and advancement.  Drugs like Prograf and Cellcept were unheard of years ago, the same relationship is occurring with the newer meds being offered now like Belatacept and Sirolimus.  Additional, research continues in all phases of transplant medicine including stem cell therapy, 3D "printable" kidneys, and much more.  There is always hope, furnished by our experiences.

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