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Anyone smoke once in a blue moon?

Of course lung Tx patients can never do it but what about the rest of you? Winston Churchill lived to be over 90 & smoked 6 cigars a day! I know he didn't have a transplant but some of us exercise a lot and have a strong heart & lungs.

Every few weeks I puff on a cigar or pipe & it's VERY relaxing. An hour of drinking is clearly worse on the body than an hour of smoking a cigar! I NEVER smoke cigarettes! Those have thousands of chemicals & are the WORST!

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  • much to my shame i do smoke.its my last has to go.starting tomorrow im getting nicotine mind is made up .no more fags as we call them in uk.i know in the us fags has a different so fortunate in the uk  can get nicotine replacement aids for nothing due to are nhs system..for me cigars ciggarettes or any thing that draws red hot smoke into my system is not good.just my opinion.i really have had enough of smoking.there is no joy in it any more.god  bless you all and the best of health as well               BILL

    • William, I assume you are a daily smoker? Remember I said a pipe or cigar once every few weeks.

      There's no way if you're otherwise healthy and exercise regularly that smoking a cigar or pipe even once a week for a couple hours will do any major damage.

      The key for me is I do NOT have an addictive personality so I don't have to worry about getting hooked. If someone has an addictive personality then they shouldn't smoke or drink.
    • what does that mean vice it.sorry am a bit slow on americaniess

      • William, a vice is basically a bad habit.
        • i know vice .it was just the it.have got your drift neal..thanks for replying mate

        • got the vice.was just the it at end of your drift.withthe LORDS HELP it will be gone out of my use me cutting down has to be all or nothing.god bless Neal

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