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Artificial Kidney ?

Hi All,

Do you know when Artificial kidney come in market ?  I read that scientist are working on it and will be ready in coming years.  Artificial kideny is like in shape of Soda Can of 300 ML which will be fitted in the body and it will do the work same like of live kidney. 

Can you add some news if it is true ?



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  • Well i have been keeping an eye on it. And talked and read a lot off people/articles. i bet get set guys .. in next 15 years it will be reality.

  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina the university there has been working on one the size of a quarter that's all I know.

    • The size of a quarter?? How on earth could that filter so many gallons of blood every day?? I just know I've seen articles from the 1970s about artificial kidneys and articles from the 1960s about a permanent artificial heart! That's around half a CENTURY with nothing out yet. I do feel the kidney will finally happen within 10 to 20 years & maybe the heart too.
  • Interesting share

    • Hostess, that's very nice! But they don't give any dates or if they're any limitations compared to a normal kidney. Even AFTER it's ready FDA approval can take another 5 to 7 years! You can find articles from the 1970s about a permanent artificial kidney and from the 1960s about a permanent artificial heart but nothing has ever been submitted for FDA approval. I wonder bio tech is so slow when computer tech is so fast!
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