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B12 after transplant

Before you take a multi vitamin or add B12 to your diet, make sure you have a blood test. I was told to take B12 and folate after my first transplant when It would have been wise to have a blood test first. Just because many people need B12 does not mean you do. Here is a link to B12 allergy and overdose. I no longer take B12 and folate and had to eliminate my Multi vitamins. Because my diet is so healthy, I do not need so many vitamins. Without knowing, the B12 built up over the years resulting in puffiness under eyes and face. The swelling is finally coming down and it is wonderful to finally know the cause of this very RARE allergy. Besides puffiness the tell tale sign was the Hives. I am now on a vegetarian diet and I am Not losing weight. So far so GREAT!! I will eat some egg whites on ocassion- thinking of dropping this too. Just sharing- READ all labels. They add B12 to all those almond and coconut drinks.

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  • Well for a GREAT update

    I basically cured myself from this problem "(took me a long time to figure this out and there was no doctor to help me) Vitamin C which I was not taking lowers B12.  Potassium helps to lower B12 as well.  My last B12 test was normal not off the charts high and my skin is very clear and soft.

    I can smile without feeling my face feeling tight.  

    Now I can take in vitamin D without side effects. 

    All I can say is i feel so proud!!

    When a doctor told me that my B12 was high. An endo and pulm doc- not one of them looked up how to reduce B12.

    So when I did I found Vitamin C and Potassium.

    So in my case- google is what cured me and had the solution.

    So many great websites will report symptoms of B12 allergy which I had but no of them know how to treat it.

    I guess in a few days, I will be sharing my information with some of them.

    It is clearly a cure for B12 allergy.


    Vitamin C helps me big time~ I feel it balances out my B vitamins which tend to run high. Now my rash is gone!

    Well the vegetarian diet did not last- I could not continue with it due to weight loss and just got bored eating just veggies and beans. LOL

  • I get my B12 from the Spirulina that I take, that is also high in Vitamin K & Iron, naturally. It's the only thing that's been able to bring up my RBC. Iron supplements are garbage.

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