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In Mid February 2015 I became sick with flu which turned over into lung infection. On 10th March I was admitted to hospital. I went through so many tests that we lost count. The doctor’s diagnosis was "Unknown Acute Liver Failure" as they could not establish the reason for my liver failure.

My condition rapidly deteriorated. My kidneys started failing as well and they had to start with dialysis. 

The doctors started to prepare us for a liver transplant as that was the only option left.  

On 30th March I began to struggle to breath as all the water built up in my body and pressed on my lungs. I was then transferred to ICU. 

On 4th April the doctor had induced me in a coma, and I went on live support.

The doctors started to prepare Cornelia for the worst. They told her to call the children to come and say goodbye. But she decided not to speak death over me by repeating what the doctors said and didn't allow the enemy to use her mouth the kill me.

She stood on Psalm 41 and spoke it over me for hours on the days she visited me. 

"The Lord will preserve Willie and keep Willie alive until his new liver arrives. The Lord will strengthen Willie and sustain him on his sickbed in Jesus Name". 

On 7th April the hospital received a liver and I went in for surgery. During this time hundreds of people prayed for us. The body of Christ came together as a spiritual army. People we know and people who we do not know prayed for us. Friends and family around the world prayed for us.

On Friday morning 10th April the doctors told Cornelia that I was back on the transplant list because the donor liver also failed. 

That evening the doctor called Cornelia from the hospital and said that they received a second liver and I would go in for a second liver transplant on Saturday 11th April. 

On 13th April the doctors took the dialysis off and reduced the medication, they slowly started bringing me out of the coma.

On 14th April they took me off the life support for because my lungs and kidneys started to functioned on its own, they stopped the medication and I came out of the coma. 

An angel came to visit me.  

On 20th April the doctors told Cornelia that my physical condition is above expected, but my emotional condition is very bad that I was mentally disturbed and this was caused by the trauma of the two liver transplants and everything before and during my illness. 

Cornelia and the body of Christ prayed around the clock during this time.

On 5th May I was transferred from ICU to a normal ward. My progress amazed the doctors.

On 19th May, I went home. Initially they planned this for the end of May. I was a total of 71 days in hospital.

In October 2015 I started to work again for 3 days a week and 4th January 2016 I went back to work full time. 

Praise God.

Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE FOR God. God can heal you as well. 

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  • My God, you are right. Your story is close to mine, but you did go through a very traumatic double plus a coma. Thank you so much for sharing your story. The power of God ! The Angel, I would love to hear about that part . I'm doing a painting on the true power of angels. <br/>
    My story goes as this: december 2015 liver enzymes are normal from yearly check up. March 1 2016 : I take a over the counter herbal detox , a two week cleanse . I start feeling itchy and sleepy during the weeks to follow. March 28th I get extreme flu like symptoms ... my daughters are worried . March 29th I'm sick, still go to work, in the mirror I notice my eyes are pencil yellow, I'm rushed to my doctor for blood tests. Next day I wake up bloated . I'm going into the classroom to teach my children art with a bloated body and yellow eyes now. I'm told to get to the hospital. Next thing is an endless swarm of days of irratic meald scores up one day down the next. In and out of Stanford hospital. I had a near death experience in April. May I have a seizure, still my meald score is not high enough in California for a transplant. My meald score drops all the way down to 17 after that. I'm still very swollen coming and going to and from the hospital. By this time my oldest daughter had posted on Facebook my condition and has a spiritual group formiming all over the world parting for me. My friends set up a massive prayer group in California as well. I had a dream I was to have a liver transplant at Stanford in August. Well at this point Stanford let me out , my meald score dropped to 17 everyone doubted my recovery on my own. They thought my liver was regenerating but keeping a close watch on it. My body wt. normally 110 now 175 with water. Face yellow grey energy weird , I'm spending a lot of time on a fence between life and death . My thinking is irratic clear than fuzzing out. I have a burst of energy than BAM drops down ... my daughter and I go for a walk near the sea, my vision starts to tunnel , I faint, rushed to the hospital , now have failing kidneys, rushed to Stanford with a meald score of 33 and climbing. They can't find my veins or arteries to get a blood draw , I'm completely dehydrated. There's a world prayer group service on .... I dream the night before my transplant of my husband who passed along with a whole spiritual Christian group in India , we are together feeling a great divine spiritual love while watching the sunrise over the Gangi river. The next morning they tell me there is a liver for me. It is a male. Very dry successful operation ,couldn't have gotten a better team of doctors. My old liver had shrunk down to 1/3 the size with a huge scar going right down the center of it. They never saw this , the surgeon said it was definitely herbal poisoning , Which is far more common than people realize. Today, my energy is great . Thank God it was a divine act. Two other people were lined up ahead of me for the same liver and declined it. I only had a few days left to live. ☺️ Thank you for asking Willie. And it took me a while for my brain emotionally to deal with this emotional trauma. On top of the fact that part of me died.
    • Hi Janice, What a great testimony ! We are there to give other people hope in difficult situations. Only when you go through something like this you know that you need to treasure this extension of life. May God bless you with excellent health in the years to come.

      • Thank you Willie, your story is an inspiration and what a gift you got plus your loving wife who helped with determination, kindness, and super love. I just saw my doctor today that said I was doing incredibly well. Energy is way up. I am so grateful to the donor for giving me a chance and God doing the work. Life is such a profound mystery and gift. Bless you both.
    • Congratulations on your recovery! We need to hear more testimonies giving our amazing God the credit, honor, & glory He so greatly deserves. God bless you with a healthy & happy life.
      • Hi Hilda, Thanks for your comment. God gets the Glory. Nothing is impossible for Him. He gave me a new life and at the moment I enjoy it. He can do it for anybody who believe He can do it. It is great to see other stories to.

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