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Blood spots on skin after intravenous drip.

I had to take intravenous medicine.Now the skin has blood discoloration around the spot. It's been like that for a few days. Is there any oinment I can use to make this blood spot go away sooner. The nurse said it can take time. I m applying cold patch every day. Sorry no pictures. Hope you know what I mean talking about.

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  • Hi Mani

    In my two decades with serious health issues, I have had IV,s than I care to remember, some like PIC lines were "in" for quite a a while, leaving a noticeable spot.  These fade with time as do most of the memories.  Be patient, but report any fever or soreness increasing in the area.

    If you are referring to blood in the skin all around the entry point, this might be residual blood that leaked and tends to come to the surface as it heals.  These are not sore and may look like a bruise that fades over time.

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