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  • As long as things are steady (not changing), then I would be happy with that. I have never had normal BUN with my kidney (got it in the fall of 2002 from my cousin - so 14 yrs out). My egfr is never even close to normal, and it's only in the last few years that it's even included on my labs. So I don't worry about it. Actually, the eGFR can be extremely labile. A tiny bit dehydrated, and it can drop like a rock (at least in my, anyway).

    So the bottom line is that if there has been no slow but steady increase in your BUN or creatinine and no slow and steady decrease in your eGFR (remember, it's an "estimate" and calculated value) then your new kidney is happy where it is.

    • Thank you very much I feel better now from reading your answer.
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