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I am schedule to get a Heorroidectomy next week n wander if a post kidney transplant can take magnesium citrate?   I am always having more than two bm every day n probable due from taking Cell-cept n Prograf since 2002.  I have already been on other anti-reject meds n they didn't work. I have been avoiding this surgery since 2009 n now it has gotten where it is just too painful to even sat down n losing a bit of blood.  I heard that the anethesia n pain medicine can constipate you n I surely don't won't to have that After the surgery.  I was wandering if if anyone else has had this surgery done and if they needed to take something to keepthem  from being constipated from all that stuff?


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  • Glad that you and I were able to chat about this Debbie

    What did you decide to do?

    • Going on with the surgery n will wait n see if I get constipated n if so, I will call my kidney specialist.  Thanks

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