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Chest Pain/Afib and Liver Transplant

I am 17 months post liver transplant and while in hospital for transplant my heart went into afib several times. Then for a full 13 months after transplant I had no afib at all. Then all of a sudden I had two episodes of afib three months apart. Before transplant I never had afib. Has anyone else experienced this and what do your doctors say? Do you have chest pain in center of chest? Is it from surgery scar or actual heart problem. I wore a heart monitor for 21 days and it showed no episodes, also normal ekg's and blood work normal?

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  • Hey Kathy,

    I use to have Afib several years before my transplant and ending up having three ablations. The third one took. I did, however, have concern about going back into Afib during the heart test to qualify for the transplant. I saw my cardiologist and he told me, it would be unlikely to do that. Sure enough, I haven't had any problems with it. I would assume if you stay in a fib, they could do an ablation on you but I'm not sure. If's not a major surgery. I bet most likely the chest pain your having is from the scar tissue especially if you wore a monitor with no episodes. Hope this helps some.


  • One question for you.  Do you have a history of sleep apnea?  During my fight with liver disease they discovered that I had central sleep apnea after my EKG's during one of the liver study trials I was participating in showed up PVC's and other heart rhythm abnormalities.  Once I had a sleep study done and got on a BIPAP machine my rhythm problems disappeared within several months.


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    • No sleep apnea. I don't sleep, but I think that's the Prograf.

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