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CMV Positive & Prednisone

Hi Friends,

I just found out I am CMV + with a lab value of 5,610 copies. I am just over a cold that lasted 5 weeks. I am just 5 months post kidney tx this week.I do not have any other symptoms than feeling a little tired. My WBC dropped to 1.9 with a neutrophil count of 0.8. I had a Neupogen injection; however, after a brief rise my WBC fell back from 4.7 to 2.7, and my ANC is now 0.7.  

The clinic stopped my Cellcept, starting Valcyte 900mg twice a day for 21 days, repeating the Neupogen injection, and unfortunately want to start 5mg of Prednisone supposedly short term (I have been on a steroid avoidance program). My Cr is normal. I repeat labs next week. I am on Tacro 2mg twice daily also. I am small and only weigh 98 lbs (normal weight).

Has anyone had a similar experience? I am worried about starting the Prednisone, even though it is a low dose. Has anyone started at 5mg What kind of side effects did you experience? I am hoping at such a low dose they will be minimal. Were you able to start back on Cellcept and get off the Prednisone quickly? 

Thank you to anyone who can share their experience. 

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  • Hi, Chris, I had CMV a few years ago I was in the hospital a few weeks. My kidney doctor stopped my Cellcept and started me on Valcyte. I was already on Prednisone 1 mg per day. I received my kidney transplant on July 5, 2010. overall I feel great no serious side effects from any of my medications including Prednisone. take care.

  • Hi Chris. 

    i’m in the same place. CMV + , low wbc using nupogen for that 

    prograf 1mg twice, cellcept 500mg twice, valcyte 450mg twice and prednisone 15mg .my creatinine is 0.98. prednisone side effects are mostly moon face and belly fat, at this point I think we shouldn’t think of its side effects and worry about them because prednisone is more useful to our body right now, Following what our transplant team says is good for our health and kidney.
    This is just my opinion, please ask your transplant team about your queries.
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