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Hey everyone. I'm 27. I just received a kidney and pancreas transplant in December 2017. It's been about 5 months since transplant. I'm now having issues with my cmv level raising for the first time. They are wanting me to do the research with the oral medicine maribavir or iv form medicine foscornet. Has anyone dealt with either medicine or the research or just having cmv and what options did you have. I'm currently taking valcyte 2 pills twice a day. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated

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  • Hi, I had a tx in the same month and just stopped Valcyte after 2 weeks of treatment. My CMV was at 5,600 but now is less than 137. My issue is that the CMV and Valcyte dropped my WBC to 1.9 and my ANC to .4. I have had to stop my Cellcept and start 5 of Prednisone.. I was previously on a steroid avoidance program. I am small and only weigh. 98 lbs, so that may be a factor. I am taking Neupogen injections and hope with time to get back on Cellcept. I believe from reading this is a common time for CMV to activate after tx. I don't have any experience with the research meds..I hope this helps a little.

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