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Hi All,

I have completed 1 year kidney transplant on 14th August. Feeling joyful and had nice dinner with family and friends. 

My reports are stable with creatinine 1.1,  My nephrologist said to visit and do lab test once in 3 months now on.  Last 6 months , I had done monthly blood lab test.

Is it ok to wait 3 months for next lab test ? 


Manoj C

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  • Thanks everyone ,  Today as well I checked with my Nephrologist's nurse. She confirmed with Doctor and said , I really no need to do blood test for every month as he is confident that all is going well.  So far he made same prescription to go lab once in 3 month. I will talk my primary doctor if I can go only to creatinine test.  Bye the way , I am in US , rules are different than india :)

  • Well i completed 1 YEAR on 17th July. Still my Neph asked me to be back next month . I know in some time he will say 6 weeks. But 3 Months is a bit long a gap. I guess u can get ur blood work once in between 3 months. That will be fine i guess.

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    • Good News!  Congrats!

  • Hi Manoj,

    This was the protocol used by my Tx center when I was judged stable enough throughout my first Tx.  With my second Tx, my clinic visits dropped to every three months but blood work was performed monthly closer to my home, at my primary care doctors office, with the results being available to the Tx center. 

    Know that an issue will be detected by blood work long before you "feel" anything is wrong.  I would try this schedule of every 3 months and discuss your feelings with your Tx nephrologist.  You have be judged  "well " enough to use this schedule, yielding more freedom for you.  Even with the monthly testing, centers look for fluctuation trends over weeks and months, rarely springing into action with one test.  Congratulations are in order, may you continue to do well.

  • I wouldn't. I'd get it checked every 6 weeks or so after 1 year.
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