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  • I urge great caution!  I've read that almost 78% of babies born to transplant patients are born naked.  Seriously.  Proceed with caution!   :)

  • OK! So just an update and to encourage those in this journey. My husbands' kidney started showing signs of failure while completing high school and by 2011 he was already on dyalisis which he had been on for 5 years. He  had his kidney transplant in nov 2015 and we have just conceived after trying for 4 months.Am now 9 weeks. Thank God.  Do not be scared to pursue relationships or live your life while on this journey. Anything is possible. I searched online soo much about our chances of conceiving and did not find anything. Am posting this to encourage you all in this difficult journey wondering what your chances are of having a life partner and kids in future. It is possible. Keep the faith and live your life lovingly, fully and openly.

  • I had a kidney transplant after doing dialysis for 2-1/2 years . I fathered 2 children after the transplant . The first child after the transplant was conceived about 11 months after the surgery and the second was about 31 months later.

    • Thank you soo much David! I hope we are blessed in the same way! Wishing them and you the best of health:)
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