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Confused with my meds..

Hello everyone!!!

i am new here and glad to bump into this site. I am 9 months post tx (kidney) got it from cuz (glory to God). I am just confused of my medicine. during my visit with my doc 2 mos kt that time she changed my medicine from myfortic into mycept. In my next follow up she gave me Rx with myfortic in it and i told her that she changed it into mycept, she didnt remember and asked me is she really did i said yes she replied oh okay. i was confused and afraid coz seemed she wasnt sure about it. Just glad in my 9 mos my labs are okay and zero infection yet (never wishing to have one of course :( hehe ). I am respectfully asking is anyone using or familiar with mycept here? hope you can share and i'll be blessed for sure, thank you in advance.

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  • Mycept is MMF (Mycophenbolate Mofetil) and Myfortic is MPA(Mycophenoalate Sodium). Both are brand names. 

    Myfortic, they say, is better for GI because of its delayed release action. 

    360mg of Myfortic ~= 500mg of Mycept

    • yeah youre right thats my dosage 500mg 2x a day now.. thank you :)

  • Hi glad to hear that, mycept  costs around 64 php PWD discounted price, my co-kts are doubting in mycept and most of them use myfortic. thank you kidneyboy :)

  • Good on you for keeping up with EXACTLY what the Doc said.  Kind of scarry the Doc doesn't remember, as they should have detailed notes & records.  

    I've had no issues with generic of either Prograf or MMF (Mycophenbolate Mofetil).  

    • thank you sir :) i feel great reading your reply :)

  • I believe Mycophenolate Mofetil (Mycept) is manufactured in Baddi, India by Panacea Biotech L.L.C. and is the brand name as opposed to Myfortic, which is the generic.   I have taken both without issue for many years.  I would think the Mycept would be more expensive.  I do not know why the doctor switched you to it.  Perhaps you should ask her.

    Mycept - Panacea Biotech
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