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cramps in hands

anybody here experiencing cramps in their hands? it's both annoying and painful. it will just last seconds but I'm so annoyed as my fingers seems to lock really. adding to this, I'm having this shaky hands. my nephro told me that it's due to the tacro.

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  • When I first started tac (at tx), I had these weird cramps in my thumbs.  Like so strong it would pull my thumb back!!  Hurt like heck, too.  It stopped after about 3 to 4 weeks for th emost part.  They all together stopped, but it has been so long ago I don't recall when.  

  • My doctor has check my magnesium levels twice, I'm not deficient so, the winner is nerves cause the muscles to contract and the meds cause that.  There are articles on the internet that point to this.

  • I had terrible cramping before my transplant, and also found my Vit. D levels were almost non-existent, so started with 2000 iu of D3, but bumped it to 5000 daily. I've kept it up for 3 years now, (2 year's post) and have not had any cramping since. I've had many others try it and they don't get any more cramps either. I'm not a doctor, but I've never seen it fail! Good luck!!
  • Yes, cramping legs, feet, hands from the very beginning.  These powerful meds that we take cause nerve damage; the nerves cause the muscles to contract.  The nerve damage also results with tremors and neuropathy, both of which I also experience. These are side effects!!

  • I agree with Michael. Water lemon ginger honey will help. Stay hydrated
    • will try this one. isn't this acidic? I have ulcer, it might be a contradiction for me. thanks anyway
      • Get on a quality Probiotic
      • No, it should not be. I think Honey makes it alkaline, but check on internet or ask your Dr.

  • I do not take Tacro but prior to my TX I had severe cramps everywhere including hands. What helped me the most is Tonic water. It has quinine which helped to reduce them. I put lemon in it to help with the taste.
  • The shaky hands is related to tacrolimus.  In time this will get better.  As for the cramps, I had them prior to transplant.  They are indeed painful and annoying!  After transplant they went away for awhile only to return.  At the time they returned the transplant center had taken me off of the Magnesium that they had prescribed at time of transplant.  I asked to go back on Magnesium and have had no cramps since. 

    I am on 400 mg twice daily.  It does not require a prescription and can be taken with minimal risks.  It may be coincidental, but I think it stopped mine.

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