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Hello All,Hope you all are doing fine . During my recent visit to my consultant , my cr and gfr were bit unstable . It is scaring me a lot . It ranges between 110 to 127 n now it is 1.47 . Im really very worried . Does it really fluctuates this much ?Also what is the minimum amount of water after Tx we should be drinking ?

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  • I am 2.5 years post kidney transplant.   Creatinine was between 1 and 1.2 over much of that time.  Once I had a 0.9 reading!   My wife left for China 4 months ago, and I have been drinking ouzo ( a Greek anise-flavored liquor) every day.   An old habit from when I lived in Greece for years.  Last three creatinine readings went 1.2 - 1.4 - 1.6.   My nephrologist is a little concerned about this trend.  I know that grapefruit affects prograf levels.  Does anyone know about anise?   I've been drinking less water too.  Doc want another blood test in two weeks, and I am drinking more water and off the ouzo. 

    • Hi Paul K. Im on my second transplant. My first one lasted 26 years but left me due to some neglicence. A little advise. Avoid all juices, tea or herbs drinks or any related.. Try drinking only water ...Dont worry your creat will surely stabilize. Keep faith
  • Hi

    Creatinine is a very individual and flexible thing. Mine went to 2 very soon after my lung transplant in 2008. I thought it was a bad sign. Well, it stayed around 2 for 6+ years! And I met another long term survivor who said it was the same for him. Also, I tried drinking a gallon+ of water every day back in the beginning, and my creatinine went UP a little. There is a happy medium that doesn't over work your kidneys, and I think it's less than 2 liters a day. JMO. Don't be overly concerned until you feel physical symptoms, and that point is different for each person.


  • I'm 4 months post transplant. My creatinine was very stable since 3 days post transplant at approximately 1.2. Two weeks ago it suddenly went up to 1.4-ish. My transplant nephrologist said it was probably nothing more than a small "blip" and had me retested a week later...he was right, it was back to (my) normal. 

    I wouldn't worry about it. Be sure to get retested to confirm it isn't trending upward. 

    My transplant team (Stanford University Medical Center) recommends 2 liters minimum of water intake daily, 


  • Every transplant patient is different. Mine is much more labile than yours. Over the years my creatinine has ranged from 112 (1.27, in US numbers) to 235 (2.67) and my baseline (usually is between 160 and 180 (1.8 - 2.04). And that 112 I hit at about 9 years post transplant. In the early days I was usually at about 140. So I've gotten used to the fluctuations. As long as it doesn't keep steadily rising, I'm not worried any more.

    I typically drink about 2 L per day. Sometimes a bit less, rarely a bit more. But that's all my stomach can handle (a bit of gastroparesis from the diabetes so it's a choice between food or fluids - I can only take in so much). My suspicion is that it's as important to keep consistent as it is to drink enough (for you). The guidelines I was given was 1 ounce per kg of body weight and so the 2 L (about 68 ounces) is about right for me.

    • Thanks Cora.
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