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Creatinine Spike

My 20 year old daughter had a kidney transplant through the paired exchange a little over 3 months ago. She's been doing well. Had a creatinine spike 3 weeks after the transplant, she was given IV fluids over night and it went back down. Last week she spent 5 days in the hospital because she had a 103 fever which went down quite easily in about a day. They put her on IV antibiotics and gave her shots to boost her white blood cells that had been low prior to the fever. She also had a kidney ultrasound that was fine We left the hospital with her white blood cells and creatinine great. Now 4 days later she went for labs and her creative spiked up from 1.1 to 1.49. They want her to go for another kidney ultrasound and more labs the day after tomorrow. My question is, how freaked out should I be ? She's been down at the beach with a friend and her family for the past 2 days. She says it's not that hot, and she's been drinking enough. I don't know what to think.

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  • I had my kidney transplant last may 16. same thing with me, crea is fluctuating, within 117-180 range.. the other day, crea was 150. other concerns that bother is my glucose level, never a diabetic before transplant but I am now. cholesterol too, got raised. hoping, praying that everything will be alright. tacro was increased from 5mg to 6mg by my nephro the other day. last trough was 5.2. wish and pray we will be fine...
    • They reallly gave to play with the meds sometimes to get everything where it should be. Hope everything clears up soon for you.
  • So everything turned out fine for my daughter, jamie. Ultrasound and labs were fine. Creatinine back down to 1.12. She probably just needs to make sure she drinks extra in the summer even if she's not hot.
    • Great news!  Thank you for posting this.

  • Hey Lori and happy 4th.  This is actually my first post on this website and I'm glad I found it.  I'm obviously not as experienced and knowledgeable as the seasoned folks on here, but I can share my experience.  I'm 2 months post op and when I left the hospital my creatinine was 1.7.  Between then and now it has ranged from 2.4 to 1.6.  My Neph has my baseline at 2.0 and currently I'm at 1.8.  She doesn't seem that concerned due to my size.  I'm 6'4" and 215 LBS and athletic so creatinine runs a little higher if you have some muscle tone.  She also mentioned she had a patient with a baseline of 2.0 and that person is now 65 years young and has had the same kidney for over 30 years and still holding at 2.0.  Coupled with my living donor is a lot smaller than I am so it's quite normal.  I'm not worried one bit and I keep on keeping on.  May your daughter have a blessed life.

    • Thank you James. I hope you continue to do well also. I'm worried, but I'm sure all will be fine.
  • Hi Lori,

    Perhaps if we give her a goal/reference point, she can adjust her fluid intake accordingly. The Mayo Clinic suggests all people should consume 3 Liters / day, this includes all sources, coffee, tea, fluid in foods  (fruits, veggies...)  Dehydration is the leading cause of organ transplant failure along with missed medication doses.

    I am sure her Tx team is looking into any adjustments to medication that might be exacerbating the fluid issue.  Some meds can cause dehydration (BP meds, excess sodium,...)  If she is even slightly dehydrated, creatinine levels will spike along with other vital blood work results.  Fever is also a symptom of low fluid.

    You are correct to be concerned, however Creatinine levels do fluctuate and the level you stated is within that range, especially in Summer, when fluid loss is common.  So far there has been no other issue involved so maybe freak out a little less, I'm sure she is concerned too. 

    • Thanks Kidneyboy. My daughter has been at the beach with a friend for the past few days. All was well. When she left the hospital last Thursday, so she was told she could go about her normal business. It's been hot and humid here, but not at the shore. Maybe she just doesn't realize yet how much she needs to drink in the summer. Hopefully tomorrow's labs will result in a lower creatinine reading. I guess if there was any real emergency the doc would have said get her home and to the hospital. They are also going to test her for some virus that we all have, but could be harmful to her new kidney if it is becoming active. They said they will have to adjust some meds if that's the case. I guess I should just be grateful for all the wonderful things that can be done.
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