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I had a kidney transplant 10 months ago and everything was fine till the past 2 weeks.

I started to feel a weird "feeling" above the transplant site (Which is on the right side), it's not really painfull but somekind of discomfort + tingles + Bloating stomach + a lot of gas. I am wondering about it.

All medical tests are ok, no recent weight gain and the doctor told me not to worry about it.

Did anyone here ever experience this please ?

Thank you very much


P.S : Sorry for my english :)

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  • Hi!

    My transplant is  1.5 years ago.

    Everything healthy now.

    I also sometimes feel both transplants ( kidney and pancreas). It is of no consern as scars can sometimes itch or be felt in another way.

    So why shouldnt scartissue inside your belly do that.

    Do not worry, Katharina

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