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Does Vitamin C make blood sugar rise?

Can you feel when your blood sugar rises when eating foods that are high in carbs?
I had a feeling that my vitamin C (buffered pills) lowered my glucose after eating some additional
nutritious foods that are quite sweet. Sure enough after searching google I found several articles
stating that 1000mg of Vitamin helps to lower blood glucose levels.

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  • Thanks Rise. I found the original study and while interesting (slightly better blood sugars and lower LDL) there were only 84 people in that study and with these things (and all the comorbidies the people might have had) I don't think this has been effectively reproduced on a larger scale.

    On the plus side, C has lots of benefits and grossly minimal side effects (unless you take too much and end up running to the bathroom).

    I've been taking it for quite a while now because it aids in the absorption of the iron I need to deal with my anemia.

  • The link works now

    Thank you

  • The link won't work for me Rise'. I'd like to read over the article. I haven't seen any comprehensive studies about vitamin C and bg control. Most have been very small studies (less than 100 people). I know C is good for tons of stuff and also is pretty yummy.

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