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Hi I'm Jake,

In 1997 I received a kidney and liver transplant at Stanford, I was only a year old when i got my double transplant and because of my age and weight no hospital in Canada would preform my surgery. There was an auction and Stanford won, I've lived my life in Canada and benefited from the health care here immensely in the past 20 years post transplant with thankfully no big rejections or any liver issue at all.

My situation has changed recently however as I've been dating a girl from America for awhile now, we see a life together but I've been unable to find any resources online that have been useful to me regarding health care in america for chronically ill and more importantly for transplants, that was until I found this site and thought it might be a good idea to ask fellow transplant recipients or family members of those recipients my questions.

My questions are:

1. Are there any specific health insurances that cater to the chronically ill and people on alot of medication.

2. If anyone has tips or experience they would like to share regarding the american healthcare system or immigration to america that would be immensely appreciated.

I'm in the dark when it comes to this and im not sure where to start, I'd be moving to Colorado if that makes any difference, I know many people will not advise me to move but im assessing all my options before I make any life changing decisions.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and thank you so much to the people who respond.

Sincerely Jacob.

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  • Hey Jake,
    The healthcare system in this country will definitely dissapoint you compared to yours. While the best chances of you getting insurance here are you getting a job that will provide insurance you can also get it by marrying your girlfriend and if she's working have her put you on her medical insurance. Keep in mind though that no insurance really wants chronic patients and have many loopholes for getting out of covering you here so be careful, read and check everything out or you may be left with limited and expensive care. Also be very careful of the drugs you need to keep your transplant, all the insurance companies here fight for who's going to pay for them. I just went through this with our Medicare system in which we are forced to buy a Part D plan which covered my drugs for years yet when I turned eligible for Medicare at the normal retirement age they threw me off their coverage list and put me on a Medicare Part B which seriously increased my costs. I am still required to pay for a Part D plan or get penalized yet they don't pay anything at this point but the drugs I buy at Walmart for less than the co-pay they would charge. Insurance coverage in the U.S. for healthcare is disgraceful in comparison to other free nations so be very careful. Here it's all about corporate profit not your care.
  • Hey Jake ,    if you are able to work here in the USA  your not going to have many issues with health care,  just how much money your able to spend  ..   if your not able to work  ...  I  think  that is going to be the issue  ...  plus  you need to find a txplnt cntr   willing to take you ,  which  usually is not a big problem  ...   as far as Immigration  ..  your lady friend  should be able to help you there ,  getting the info you need to be a Legal US  citizen  ..  am  sure there  is a USA federal bldg.  near to her resideance   where she could get the info you will need  to be here as a legal immigarant  ,,,    hope this helps some ..

  • If you're able to work - many companies offer decent insurance, better so if it's a privately owned company that is family oriented. If you're unable to work, insurance is quite expensive. I currently have Medica and it's been fantastic.

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