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Dr. Reddy's tacrolimus safe?

My insurance has recently made me switch from Walgreens mail order pharmacy to Express Scripts. I've worked with Express Scripts in the past and they are an absolute nightmare. They did not get my medication delivered until today when I completely ran out despite me calling well in advance. And they had a signature required for delivery even though I explicitly told them not to since my husband and I both work. So I had to drive 30 minutes to the UPS depot at 8pm to get my medicine. Not fun, I have some expletives I'd like to say about Express Scripts, but I'm not sure I'm allowed.

Anyway, the generic tacrolimus they send me is Dr. Reddy's. I recently switched to a different transplant clinic as I moved cities. My previous transplant clinic (Barnes-Jewish) told me never ever take Dr. Reddy's. But that was 6 or 7 years ago. I'm planning on calling my transplant clinic on Monday to see what they say and in the mean time I'll take the Dr. Reddy's tacrolimus since I have no choice. But has anyone else heard not to take Dr. Reddy's?

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  • never heard of doc in uk am on adaport anyone else on this generic?will be gratefull for any replies to my question     bill

    • Dr Reddy's is a US distributor, whereas " over the pond" Sandoz Ltd distributes  Adoport. 

  • Thanks for the replies. I'm still going to call my new transplant office Monday and check to be sure, although I'm sure things have changed since 7 years ago when generic Prograf first came out. The issue my old transplant center had was when generic Prograf first came on the market back then, Dr. Reddy's was shown to have inconsistent amounts of the drug so my old transplant team sent out a letter saying no transplant patient should take it. Hopefully in the last 7 years Dr. Reddy's has figured this out. But I REALLY hate Express Scripts and this was kind of the icing on the cake.

    • That's a very wise idea.

  • Been taking Doc Reddy for over a  year.  No problems.

    • Is this Prograf or Astagraf or both?

      • Astellas is inventor of Prograf and Astagraf XL

        Dr Reddy's is the distributor of the generic Myfortic and other drugs.

  • Don't let the name fool you, Dr Reddy's is one of the largest distributors of Prograf and other drugs in the world.  When I was switched to it by my insurance, I never experienced any issue with this formula.  All the same, I would mention this to the Tx team, though I doubt it will be an issue.  The only knock I've heard about it was a supply issue that occurred many years ago.I hope you can find this generic from and on line pharmacy to get it easier.

    Dr Reddy

  • Lizzie, not sure why you were told to never take Dr. Reddt's but I have been on it for three years with no problems plus very little trembling. I request it and not willing to change as, like you, changeing manufacturers can be difficult as two or three weeks of blood work would be advisable to put your mind and body at rest. I have had to switch to Express with Briova as their specialty subsidiary with only a 30 day supply allowance from my new insurance company vs. the 90 days I am used to receiving. I have learned, call the first day you are allowed to order (I ask for the next date when ordering) and REQUIRE they overnight but never require signatures. This way, those meds are in your hands early. They screwed my order 50% of the time if I did not do it this way. Good thing I have months of meds they know nothing about. I could not live with only 30 days on hand. Maybe your transplant team can write another script so you can stay ahead. Whatever you have to do without deception, do it! If you request only a certain manufacturer as I did, their system will remove the order if they don't have it. I have yelled way to much at the "resolution team" and will continue until they gave a fail safe system or pressure the insurance company to quit blackmailing us into using their pharmacy and for only 30 day meds. Grrrrrrr! Plus not to scare you, ok.... it scares me; they told me there is a shortage of transplant meds now and they are borrowing from hospitals, other pharmacies etc. They seem to believe there is a moratorium on amounts of meds a manufacturer can put out in a given time. My Gastro disagreed so I am in the process if running down that report and if so, will be making a call to the Senators. Briova said some people were two weeks out. I blew my stack as that is a death warrant. We all have work to do as transplants on baby boomers alone, are in full force. Will update and yes, you are probably thinking... too much information lady but we cannot be ostriches in thus situation. We must be informed and press those that can make changes now.
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