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Did anyone ate outside at all in their first year post transplant ? Post tx I have been eating home cooked fresh food only as was told that to do . It is so difficult to choose where will I get food in most hygienic way outside..How did u all cope with?

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  • Hi A. Basin,

    I started eating outside 2 months after TX. The only thing to take care is 1. eat Hot food 2. clean ur hands 3. choose good restraudents. I am 1 year past TX. No issues.

  • I have eaten out ever since liver/kidney transplant almost 5 years ago. I agree, avoid buffets and no suchi ...but here are 2 more tips: 1) Wash your hands after ordering from the menu and giving the menu back. The Menu itself has germs. 2) Avoid soft-serve ice cream dispensers, they are not always cleaned regularly or well.
  • Hi A. Basin,

      Yes we have eaten out right much the first year post transplant.  The main thing I do is order from the menu.  No buffet's at all.  I do go to the dessert bar!  I usually take sanitizing wipes and wipe down the table and chair I sit at good and of course make sure my hands are clean.  Just using basic common sense care like this and you should be fine.  Just be careful going in and out of the restroom to use a paper towel to open the door after you wash you hands, etc.


  • My husband and I periodically eat out since my kidney transplant in May 2015. At times I go out with friends. I try to be seated away from any crowds if possible. I don't eat foods from buffets as who knows how clean they are after countless people have gotten food from a buffet. I watch my sodium and am careful what I order at a restaurant. I am also vegetarian. I use hand sanitizer before I start to eat, after using the restroom, and when I get back into our car. On a day that we go to a restaurant, I'm extra careful of what I eat at home for the other meals and snacks. When I had low white blood cell counts several months into my transplant, I did stay away from restaurants, grocery stores, and any public venues. Once prednisone was added which resolved the white blood cell counts, I was able to go back to being in public places. With kidney transplant joy, Margo
  • My husband brought food into the hospital from restaurant as soon as I could eat it. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks because of seisures. When I was going home I asked Dr. about going out he suggested that walking around WalMart might be fun and good exercise. Then a good meal at a nice restaurant. No problem with food. I got a new liver on 3/3/13 and doing fine. I found a way to lose weight. I had an infected molar that had damaged the bone. After the dentist got it all out, it hurt for over 2 weeks. Diet of yogurt, mashed banana and plain ice cream with no crunches. Lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks. Yea!


    • For weight, there are many methods.  Had my gall blader out and lost just over a pound!!  There has to be an easier way!

  • Hi,
    Yes I did mean about eating in restaurants . Thanks for your replies.
  • I eat out all the time and never have a problem and I just had my Tx in March. I've been a weightlifter for 17 years plus a runner/biker/walker so I'm very healthy other than the kidney Tx. I don't even get a cold! It really depends on the person.
  • I'm not exaclty sure what you are asking about "eating outside"?  If you mean at a restaraunt, then yes I do.  I was not given any instruction not to.  Not sure where you are from in the UK, but restartuants here are inspected and certified to be sanitary.  

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