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Just because you receive a transplant does not mean your life will be a bed of roses. And to all the single people who do it alone, myself included, you must have a support system. A support system is anyone who can listen, drive you places, walk your dog, etc.My moods can go up and down in part to the prednisone and because that's my emotional make up. It is rare that you see the emotional side of a transplant discussed. But managing the after effects of a transplant can be difficult. Working with your healthcare team, dealing with meds, appts, pain, fatigue, moodiness, weight gain, insurance issues is stressful. I'v been doing this for 42 years and I'm still learning. You have to be an advocate for yourself. You have to know your choices and you have to like yourself kidney disease and all. You have to ask questions at appts.Your mood will fluctuate whether you acknowledge it or not. When you feel down, you have to know how to take care of yourself and not beat yourself up. Maybe you call a friend, do art, write, walk, run, etc. Don't sit in the corner and turn into a victim. I know, I've felt like crap and there is nothing worse then feeling bad, emotionally and/or physically. Sometimes your social worker can help you. Don't be afraid to discuss your mood issues with your MD or social worker. Get help if it goes on for months at a time. Know the symptoms of depression. If people tell you, "You should be happy you got a transplant," you can be grateful, but maybe your mood is on the sad side. You don't have to live in a sad state.Anyway, hope it's a good day, please be kind to yourself and please contact me if you have comments or questions.VictoriaVictoria

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  • Wonderful post!  I guess we are all still human after all, in spite of wishes from others to see us thrive!  Thank you for posting.

  • I needed this..... that's like the first thing people say u should be happy. Currently I'm a little sad and overwhelmed and many people don't get it.
    • I'm glad my words spoke to you Latinos...Yes, when we receive a transplant, which by the way is a treatment many feel we should be happy all the time....Is a person without any health issues "Happy" all the time? That's crazy. We still have the challenges of life. I'm grateful that I don't have to undergo weeklt dialysis treatments.
  • Victoria, just reading this and thanks for your moment of honesty. It ministers to people like me who find joy and gratitude at times and a week later hide my tears as I look down three long tables of wonderful food, only to have to eat meat and mac-n-cheese, my very last choice for sure. It's not the food, it's the constant sifting of so many life options and really having only two at the time. Many ask, mam, what would you like? Inside I say, "No, what you mean is, "What CAN I have or do?" Then I feel guilty because should be happy since I am alive. Once in awhile, I feel sorry for myself if I am really tired and then I have to snap myself out of it. This does not change for me. I rarely forget, my life is not my own anymore. Difficult for a, once free spirit. Again, thanks
    • Let's all just acknowledge ALL the feelings we have. Just watch out for when u r feeding your psyche with false thoughts, which can trigger SAS feelings. Give yourself permission to feel whatever you feel and don't judge them.
      • Sometimes feeling false feelings can be quite toxic. I like to imagine the painful feelings as watching a movie 

        • Yes....Even people with health don't walk around happy twenty-four seven. Let's have compassion for ourselves!
  • Awesome post ! Definitely described me and how I feel. Sometimes out of nowhere I'll just feel irritated for no reason. It sucks because I feel I take it out on my girlfriend and her daughter ( we all live together) I don't wanna be the grumpy always irritated one. I was like that when I was on dialysis I felt once I got transplant maybe it would get better. I'm only 2 months in since I've gotten my kidney and pancreas transplant so I know it's still early. I'm happy about everything and thankful that everything went so well but the side effects are sometimes hard to deal with. Thanks for your encouragement.
    • Shakiera...I'm so glad my words had meaning for you. Yes, you have a right to ALL your feelings. May I suggest you do some Journaling..Let the page hold your feelings.
  • It's a great article that sheds light on one of the biggest factors in our lives,your emotional well being during a time that our bodies are experiencing so much change. My wife says, give yourself some time and room to pause and absorb what you've been through. The meds on top of the trauma make it tough when everyone thinks new heart you are fixed, smile. One day at a time, I now have a new partner inside of me to help!
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