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Hi all - I got in touch last year about an art project I’m working on that explores the long-lasting impact of transplantation. We previously did a couple of workshops that were fantastic, but I’d like to now follow them up with some one-to-one interviews with people who are a little way post-transplant and would be willing to talk about their experiences.

I had a bone marrow transplant myself nearly 20 years ago, and what I’m keen to look at in the work that I'm making is the experiences that people have when the heightened time of actually receiving the transplant is over, and the more everyday aspects – be they positive, negative or even mundane - start to come in to play.

If you’re in the UK, I’m planning a road trip to come see people so perhaps we could meet up for a cuppa and a bit of cake – but if that’s not possible, wherever you might be, it would be fantastic to talk on Skype (or Facetime, or whatever works for you).

There’s information here - - and please do e-mail me on if you have any further questions or would be interested in having a chat.

Many thanks.


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