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Hello all, 

Glad to hear of all of our Transplants still working. If you are waiting for one keep on keeping on soon it will come just stay hopeful. 

I have a questions what kind of exercises can i do i know cardio like running, but i mean as in lifting weights? Can i do push ups? Sit ups. I also have a fistula on my arm were the forearm and my upper arm meet. With my fistula can i do push ups i saw somewhere i could but i don't know how many of you have tried?

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  • Hi Josue and Luanne, I'm Janice, 9.75 months out from a liver transplant . I was also told I could resume exercise as I had before Tx so I went and did a HIT class taught by a teacher I never took before and my body memory kicked in. I went high intensity , I felt fatigued but drank water not feeling sore.... than my lower back went out, and my insides felt strange as though they were jostled around. That was scary. I was worried I injured something. I feel ok now ... but I'm taking my time. I was an athelete before so any input too I could use. Advice, listen to your body more carefully than ever before.
  • I am 11 months post double lung transplant. I am doing all the exercises I used to do many years ago, before I was sick. I waited until my Dr told me I could resume. It all started with walking.... I went to a body pump class at the gym today, but could only do about 50%. I will get there.
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