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forgetting the meds

So i am a heart transplant recipient for 9 and a half years and i have constantly and repeatedly, but not consecutively, forgotten to take my pills, but today was different. because i had forgotten that i actually took my last night dosage, as well as this morning. but it seems more unclear now because i dont remember if i took today's morning dose. the point is, how long can a htx recipient last before experiencing some sort of symptoms?

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  • I use a Fitbit wrist band and have an alarm set that vibrates on my wrist everyday around the time I need to take my meds. Works great!  I also use a daily pill organizer to make sure I have my days/nights straight.  Your transplant nurse coordinator should have provide one for you!

  • I NEVER miss a dosage because I don't want to take a chance! Does anyone else with a kidney transplant start feeling a tingling sensation around their kidney if they're more than an hour or 2 late with their meds? 

    I do so that's why I NEVER miss! And I had a living donor, negative crossmatch, who is 15 years younger than me!

  • Hans,

    When I had my dual transplant at U of Chicago, they gave me a 7 day packet (black case with 7 individual daily pill containers. Each container has the day of the week and 4 mini containers). To this day, 5.6 years later I have never veered off that system. I keep the case in the same place, located in the kitchen. I will tell you it is the best way to check to see if you have taken your evening does VERY RARE cases that I forgot. Having the days of the week on it is the key.

    When I go on weekend trips or overnighters I have everything ready to go in one container. I also decided to keep a one day supply in my glove compartment.

    I have missed probably 8 doses out of 4,088. 

    • What dual transplant did you have? Did you notice anything negative when you missed a dosage?

  • Try

    MyMedSchedule: Free medication schedules, reminders, and health tracker
    Thousands of patients and caregivers use MyMedSchedule to manage meds and labs on the go, set reminders, and make it easier to communicate with their…
  • Hans ... have you discussed this with your txplnt cntr ?   if not ,  let them know whats going on .  over and under medicating your self  is not good  .... am over 7 yrs post heart and I have not had a Biopsy in over 6 years , I am on the Allo map DNA blood test for rejection ....   over 9 years I am guessing if your still  getting Biopsys   I am guessing its once a year ,  Truthfully  Biopsys are the only true way of knowing if your rejecting  ...    Your gonna need to figure out a way to keep track of your meds ..    I  put meds out 2 days at a time .. I have 2 blue  and 2 red pills cases and their labeled morning  and evening  .. I use blue on frist day  and red on second day , I am not forgetful  just busy all the time ,  So I choose to go with 2 days at a time  ... hope this helps some ..

  • Do you have a smartphone, there are apps that you can download that you can put all your mess in and it will remind you to take them.
  • I think you're taking an unnecessary risk by not taking your meds regularly "constantly and repeatedly".  Set an alarm on your phone for your AM and PM meds time.  Use a pill container with the day of the week and AM and PM so you can see if the box is empty for the AM meds you know you took them.  It's so easy to stay on track, I have to wonder if you are subconsciously trying to sabotage your transplant...

    • If you set your phone alarm it won't make any noise for ANY other reason (like text, email, etc.) so you can sleep soundly?

      • I don't know if this is a statement or a question, but I'll assume it's a question.  I have an iPhone 5.  I use it frequently as an alarm clock.  I set an alarm for 8am daily and it rings at 8am.  I push the "stop" button and it's off until the next day.  Same with 8pm.  The alarm has nothing to do with sounds for other stuff like emails and text.  You set the alarm under the "clock" function.  I have never missed a dose.  

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