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  • I don't think having a transplant makes it any easier for germs to get into cuts.  Just that the immunosuppresents make it harder to fight once they do. 

  • We are more susceptible to infections because our immune system is compromised.  I have been very lucky, but I have had few problems in that area.  I do wash my hands, use hand sanitizer, and try very hard not to be around sick people.  When I work with my hands, I use gloves to protect from cuts and broken skin.  I keep our cats' claws trimmed so that when I play with them, I have less of a chance of keeping scratched.  So far that has done well for me.  I am almost 10 years post liver transplant.

  • hi kathy i did post you before seems post is in the ether somewhere..same as davids reply.we are more susseptable to germs etc.a little cut one mt finger took nearly 2wks to heal.prior to liver tx it was a few days.the taco is yhe culprit.we have to have it as you know to stop rejection.your not alone. god bless                                                                                                                                                                         bill

  • hey Kathy ,   yes to your question ,   take stock out in the following companies ,  Bandaid ,  some type of triple anti-biotic ointment   and   purell hand sanitizor   ..  our immo suppresents  will keep our immune systems  lower  for the rest of our tine on this green earth

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