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Hi this is Jacquie, I've been on this forum asking tons of nquestions about a liver transplant while I waited for over 8 months on a list! Well I got my liver!! It was such a surprise call at 2:00 am March 30th. They said get here ASAP we have YOUR liver!! After being a stand by several times I was told this liver was perfect for me and I wouldn't need a stand by.So I literally flew to the hospital and my new Rebirthday is March 31st, 2017!I spent about 5 days in the ICU and about a week on the transplant recovery floor and now I'm home!Yes, I still have some pain, but I'm up and walking and in fact I'm on my own. My husband was supposed to stay home with me the first week but work came first so I am so the full my kids have stepped up to come help when they can!So thank you everyone for their input, al you stories and advice we so beneficial!Anyone out there waiting, learn this valuable lesson God taught, Patience is a virtue! All things will happen in his time! So wait on him, trust him he loves you and knows when you'll be ready!Good luck and God bless everyone!!

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  • Awesomeness!

  • AWESOME AWESOME NEWS !!!   Congrats on your miracle !   here's to many many years to come with no issues !!

  • Congratulations on receiving a new liver! I am happy that you have been blessed with this gift too! I got a liver more than eleven years ago along with several other organs as part of a multivisceral transplant. I have not ever had any major episodes of rejection, so I feel very fortunate in that regard.  I have struggled with some digestive issues and some infections here and there likely associated with the lowered immune system, but my liver has remained healthy for the most part.  I hope that you will have great success with your transplant and that it will open up doors for you for a long time. I will be glad to answer questions too if I can be of any help to you. Best of wishes to you.


  • Wonderful news indeed Jacque!  May you enjoy many, many years in good health.!

    • Thank you! By your tag name I assume you either are waiting for a kidney or already had one which ever I hope and pray you are well!
      • I'm on my second ....3 yrs so far and thank you.

  • Awesome Story Jacque!! I am so

    happy for you!

  • Hi Jacquie, I got my liver just over two years ago. I had some ups and some downs but now I have excellent health. I wish you all the best. Contact me if you have any questions. 

    • Thank you Willie, what kind of complications did you hav? Other than pain and several trips back to the hospital to look at a lab result or get some tests, I've spent a couple nights in the hospital but to help avoids infections they want me home!
      It would be nice talking to a double birthday survivor
      • Regarding my liver transplants. On my first transplant they saw that my liver did not get enough blood so they bypassed the blood flow which goes to my spleen and directed it to my liver. After a few hours my TX team was still not satisfied and then fitted an additional artificial vain to feed more blood to my liver. In a time frame of 36 hours from the first transplant I went 4 times back for surgery. After 3 days this new liver failed. Two days later I got my second liver transplant. (First liver 7th April 2015, second liver 11th April 2015). My TX teams said that my anatomy was changed completely to adapt for the new liver. 

        You can read more of my complications in the discussions section – Facing the giants.

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