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I had my double lung transplant almost 4 months ago.  Today, two people told me that my eyes have become a dark blue.  They have always been a light hazel color.  I came home and looked in the mirror and they have turned to a deeper blue.  My husband said he noticed it a few days ago but didn't say anything because he thought it was what I was wearing (a blue sweater).  But I was wearing grey today and they still looked like a darker blue.  So my question is, has anyone else had their eyes change color after their transplant?

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  • I've transplant about bone marrow txs where the person had all kinds of changes. Allergies went away etc. that is kind of cool.
  • I had a liver transplant 10 years ago. After the first year my husband noticed my eyes had changed color. They were dark brown and changed to green. When I mentioned it to my doctor he acted like I was crazy! I never mentioned it again. It's a relief to know it's happened to someone else. My eyes are still green!
    • No eye color change. But after my new female liver I simply MUST touch and feel clothes when I accompany my wife at a mall. AND I now have no trouble asking for directions. LOL!
  • Very cool! I have heard that your eyes can change color but not related to transplant. There is always a first! How are you


    • I have had a head cold for two weeks and was on antibiotics for 5 days, but I am feeling good.  I have just starting doing things and enjoying getting back into a somewhat normal life.  It has taken me a while  to get my strength back after a couple of bumps along the way.  So I am enjoying life until the next bump comes along.  Or at least that is the way I am thinking.

      • I hope you feel better Brenda

        YES eye color changes when you have an infection. They did for me many years ago. I am sure they will return to your normal color after you are over  your cold. I love this kind of stuff! The body is always sending us messages.

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