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After you use a bar of soap, place it on towel paper or a clean towel to let dry.

There is a possibility if you allow the soap to remain on a wet surface that the soap can develop some mold.

I am not sure about this but doesn't it make sense that the quicker a bar of soap can dry the better. 

What do you all think about my soap hack?

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  • Hi,

      It is good,  but , i did not care so far on soap or shampoo. I use Cetaphil and head & shoulder , regular hand soap .  My doctor said it does not make any difference on bar or hand soap where you keep. 

    What precaution we have to take is , wash hand for every 2 hours or more frequently with hand soap or bar. 

  • Hi Hostess, its good to have a hygienic surrounding but seems like you are being over cautions 

    • You don't have to search far to find how many "problems" Rise' has dealt with.  There is reason for the caution!

      I have been ill and in the ER twice this year with infections I'm sure others would have shrugged off.  I need to pick up my "anti-germ" game to a higher level.  I'm tired of being sick all the time.

      • All transplant patients encounter different problems.  I actually forgot about my tips here.

        I can be sloppy at times and the sloppiness has cost me

  • Hi Ricé

    I think it's sound advice. So is using liquid soap in a plastic container - avoids the problem from the start!

    • Hi Michael

      My first name is spelled Risé

      I have been called many versions of Risa as Risa is how my name is pronounced.

      Reesa, Rissa, Ricea and Reefer


      • I got a laugh out of "Rice' "   Guess I owe both of you for being like a silly 7th grader.

        Sorry, but that was just funny somehow.  

    • I have heard mixed info on this but I do use liquid soap in a pump.

  • My related hacks...

    I have a bottle of alcohol by the sink.

    I pour alcohol on my razor and toothbrush before every use :)
    • Heh heh DavidG

      As mouthwash too? ;-)

This reply was deleted.

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