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Health Insurance plan for 2017 in US

Hello All,

I am working employee with post kidney transplant.  My employer has costly health insurance plans. Do you have idea which are the good health insurance companies / plans for post Kidney Transplant patients ?

Please suggest ,  health insurance company name and plans, they should cover our immunsupression medications, labs and preventive care.



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  • Hi,

    I did find that ,  there are two ways to continue insurance as per-existing disease. Obamacare or Employer insurance. I preferred to go by employer insurance. My employer insurance is better with in-network providers and pharmacies. 

  • Do insurance companies even have to know about having had a transplant?  Isn't there a law now about pre-existing condition?

    • There was a law, a portion of the Affordable Care Act, which is in the process of being  repealed by congress and President Trump.  Time will tell what new proposal is to be enacted to replace it.  Using this provision is looked upon favorably by the new congress.

  • Hello Manoj,

    Have you asked the Tx center following you here for advice, as it applies to you?  Your Tx coordinator or social workers can offer great advice on which plan best covers you and which covers your medicines.  In addition, your employer may have limited options for you to consider.

    • Thank you Kidneyboy,

      I will sure contact to my TX center and follow their advice on best plan. Its good idea.

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