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I absolutely love the delicious and fresh healthy taste of Simple Mils products. They are a relatively new company and they are gaining in popularity across the USA.

To know that my bread is gluten free with all healthy ingredients gives me peace of mind. There is no other bread like Simple Mills Artisan bread on the market and I prepare their Artisan bread at least twice per week.

Trust me, I have tried them all. There is nothing that comes close to the taste of their bread and cake mixes. Each time I prepare the mixture, I change it up a bit by adding different spices.

Prior to learning about Simple Mills, I had to trust a previous company who shipped their bread to my home and I had to stop ordering from them because sometimes their bread had moldy spots. 

Now you know why I really happy that I found Simple Mills Artisan bread

To me, their Artisan bread taste like a fresh Italian restaurant roll but you know that when you eat rolls at Italian restaurants they are not gluten free.

If you love gluten free foods that are made with simple, nutrient-dense ingredients you will be very pleased with the results. There are only three simple ingredients to add to their prepackaged mixture and within twenty minutes, you have a freshly baked

bread, cookie- cake or pizza dough.

So far I have tired their Pumpkin muffin mix (I adapted their recipe for a cake) and my favorite is their Artisan Bread.  All of their crackers are crispy and delicious-try them for yourself and see.

Visit their website and shop for their Crackers, Muffins, Bread Mix, cake, cookies, waffles and pizza dough  Now that is a complete list to be satisfied with if I must say so myself.

There is also a store locator on their website where you can find heir products at your favorite grocery store.


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  • I just finished baking Simple Mills Banana Muffin mix. Since I do not own any cupcake tins, I like to just use their mixtures for making cakes as you can see. For the topping, I used Coconut pieces, Chia seeds and Gogi berries. Simply delicious and fresh.

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