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Hello allIt has been over 4 months when I first experienced this horrendous pain! I have had an ultrasound and MRI and it has shown no pointers to my pain.Life has become depressing and quite debilitating with this pain. It is usually there the whole day but at times the pain will start in my upper abdomen and travels to my chest and back. The pain can be so bad that I have stopped going out etc. I've cut out a lot of food like caffeine which I hardly used to have much anyway. Eggs, milk, spicy food, fruits, some vegetables. I don't eat junk food either.The last time I saw my doctor I had lost weight and the liver doctor thought it was anxiety pain. I saw the mental health nurse who saw me crying and listened to me and said it sounds nothing like anxiety pain.I've tried tramadol for the pain but nothing takes it away.I went for a weekend away with my friend. We spent most of the time in the hotel as I was in pain.Sometimes hot compress helps and sometimes I end up having a bowel motion or vomit.Last night at 2am I was awoken by this rude pain. It was HELL. I was all over the place crying and the last place I wanted to go was the hospital as they do not do anything. I'm fed up of people looking at me as a hypochondriac when I'm actually on genuine pain. I have two small children to look after too.The pain subsided after an hour and I managed to get some sleep but today it is coming and going.It can't be GERD as I take lanzaprazole for that and I had an endoscopy which was also clear.Any ideas? So the pain starts in the upper abdomen and travels to the chest at times and radiates through the back.I'm so fed up that when the pain comes, death seems attractive.I have a family holiday booked and I'm thinking of cancelling it!I'm on 3mg prograf x2 a day and lanzaprazole.It will be nearly 2 years of my liver transplant.Thank you

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  • The pain you describe is exactly what I had prior to transplant.  I was transplanted because I had PSC - a progressive bile duct disease.  I am not suggesting that you have the disease, but the bile duct connections may have narrowed from scarring.  It is a long shot.  An endoscopy, unless it was an ERCP, would not have found this.  

    What is your current labs, particularly bilirubin?

    Sending prayers your way.  I understand the pain, and it is truly dominating.

    • That sounds painful. I am glad you're better. During the ultrasound they checked some of those issues and it was OK. My bilirubin is 10. In fact my labs are fine from a few weeks ago!
  • Hi Monira,

    I do not know if what I am going to say will be of any help. I started to experience pain such as you describe. I could not eat. It felt like the food did not want to go down and such pain that I did not know should I stand, sit, walk or lay down. When we went to the doctor for my husband' schedule blood tests, I spoke to him. He said during my husband's illness and transplant, I carried all the stress and that caused an reaction such as heartburn. It causes my esophagus to swell which caused the pain and the food could not go down. I am taking Pantoprazol 40mg daily. 

    • Thank you for your reply. Oh gosh I can only imagine the pain. How are you doing now?

      Well the endoscopy I had showed everything clear. My duodenal and oesophagus were good and healthy. That time I had heartburn but it has gone away now.

      So I'm not sure what this pain is. I take lanzaprazole anyway but that doesn't really help with the pain.
      • I did not experience heartburn, only the pain. When the doctor said it is cause by heartburn, I was sceptical. But since I am taking the meds, I did not have that pain again. The doctor said in a couple of months, I can stop taking the meds.

      • As long as I take my meds, I am okay. Both my husband and I are well. 

        • I wish this was the case for me. I really do wish. I have even taken 30mg of lanzaprazole x2 a day which did nothing.

          Can you describe the pain to me if you don't mind? I just want my life back. I feel like I will never recover

          They were meant to do a test for h.pylori but where I live no place does testing on faeces. They said the breathing test is innacurate as I take lanzaprazole.

          Life has started to feel like a burden honestly. At times I wish to die than experience this terrible pain.
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