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Help to regain Cystic Fibrosis care.

Dear Friends 

We are together. Let us uplift our community and be thankful. In spite of what I experienced. Here is the scoop.

A powerful doctor kicked me out of the CF program.  The doctor did this when I asked 

a question about my pain after lung tx.  (I believe the doctor falsely thought I was going to sue him due to negligence, we discussed earlier.)

Since that time 2011 I have politely asked for an appointment but always refused. Urgent care is required to protect my donors 

lungs as well.  The large hospital clinic was known for this until the doctor and leadership were required to leave. 

My records show compliant.  This is not about payment, as such is ok.  This is about a hospital denying  care that is entitled with Medicare and Medicaid.

Yes I have appealed to Elected, government and all professional boards, with terrible results....The system just protects the doctor while I live with a death sentence.

Thank you for help with atty and additional means. 

We are together and we make a big contribution to  lives and all aspects of the economy.  Doctors are appreciated and so should patients.  No patient should be dennied care.

Thank you for being helpful. eddie 

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