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hernia/ bump after kidney transplant?

Hi Everybody,

This is my first post! I received a kidney transplant 4 months ago. I have been doing very well until I caught my daughter's bronchitis 2 weeks ago. I am better but still coughing. The clinic said to expect it to linger a while longer. 

Last night I noticed two small bumps along my incision line,which is well healed. They are about the size of 2 small jelly beans..( not to spoil your Easter treats!) My husband has had hernias and felt maybe it was just part of the healing. I will address it with the clinic but was wondering if anybody developed small bumps like that from healing? Has anybody else developed such a small hernia in this post op time?

Thanks for any replies! Happy Easter my new friends

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  • Hello, I had few of bumps( hernias)along my incision , doctor gave the a name can't remember but they ask me to massage them every day as they will go away and they did. Try massaging them softly and see if you notice anything.
    • Oh great! Very encouraging. Thank you! Can you tell me about how long it took to go away Weeks, months

      • I massaged them every night and they started kind of shrinking. Maybe 3 to 4 wks
  • Hi Chris, I had also small knobs around the scars of the operation at the beginning. The doctors explained to me that the scars went through much muscle tissues and it will take time to heal completely. Now two years after the operation there is nothing like this. The scars is still there but no more knobs.

    • Thank you for taking time to respond! With all the coughing it has been concerning even though I have really tried to brace the incision for support.Hopefully just healing process.

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