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Hi All, New to this group - Post Kidney Transplant

Hello All,

Hope all are doing great. I had my kidney transplant in Aug 2015.  Before surgery my creatinine was horrible was reached to 18.   But, god is so kind, after surgery my creatinine came back to 0.8 :) 

It keep remain in range of 0.8 to 1.1 , I am 35 years old male so as per doctor CR is very good. I do walking 4 miles daily and try to drink plenty of water.  Life return as normal, i came back to US again. I had gone for my surgery to India my home country.

I am glad to see this group , it is very helpful and motivate after listening good stories.



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My dear Friend Susy G - a double lung transplant survivor is in need for a Kidney Angel (O positive blood type).  If you can be Susy's Hero- contact her at Thank You So Much!

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