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I am 59 and being evaluated at Stanford for lung/coronary bypass or lung/heart. Just wondering how sick people actually were beroe their transplant. I am on 6-8 lpm  o2 for activity and 3-4 lpm just sitting around.  I have been in rehab for years but am starting to slip and am no longer improving. I am winded going from one room to the next and have to rest. My BODE score would be around 7-8. I still have good muscle tone and continue to walk every day for an hour up to two hours by going from one end of my house and back then resting and doing it again. I do not sit down. I am having a hard time maintaining my weight. 

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  • Hey Greg ,  I am 7 yrs  post heart ... and  pretty much  was a train wreck   before I trnsplnted ...

  • I am also in Colorado and live a mile high at around 5400 feet. 

    • Very cool. I am in Pueblo. Stanford called yesterday and want to evaluate me for a double lung and triple bypass. I will go next month. I hope all goes well. 

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