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I am 59 and being evaluated at Stanford for lung/coronary bypass or lung/heart. Just wondering how sick people actually were beroe their transplant. I am on 6-8 lpm  o2 for activity and 3-4 lpm just sitting around.  I have been in rehab for years but am starting to slip and am no longer improving. I am winded going from one room to the next and have to rest. My BODE score would be around 7-8. I still have good muscle tone and continue to walk every day for an hour up to two hours by going from one end of my house and back then resting and doing it again. I do not sit down. I am having a hard time maintaining my weight. 

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  • Hi Greg

    I'm sure you being at altitude is increasing your O2 usage.

    When I was at Duke, near sea level, during rehab before a double-lung transplant, I was on 6-7 at rest, but to walk around the track, 33 lpm! I had pulmonary fibrosis, which usually requires more O2 than other lung diseases. Wait until you get on prednisone, you'll gain some weight!

    ps. I will be 9 years out next month, and have had a completely new lease on life. I've been skiing in Utah and hiking in Yosemite.

  • Sorry, your post isn't an old one. If you have any questions let me know. Trust your docs, ask questions and have faith
  • I'm nearly 9 months out on my heart transplant. No problems, no infection. When diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, my EF was around 25 and I was able to do OK for about 5 yrs. I'm not going to describe my condition as sick. I just had a weak heart and would physically and mentally wear out. It got worse as my EF dropped. At the low point I had an LVAD implanted and it got me back to decent strength and strong for my heart transplant. Your post is a couple years old so you've probably had your transplant by now. I'm all good now. I'm 64, got a 26 yr old heart, had the procedure done at UCSF.
  • Hey Greg ,  I am 7 yrs  post heart ... and  pretty much  was a train wreck   before I trnsplnted ...

  • I am also in Colorado and live a mile high at around 5400 feet. 

    • Very cool. I am in Pueblo. Stanford called yesterday and want to evaluate me for a double lung and triple bypass. I will go next month. I hope all goes well. 

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