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Hunter and Martial artist

I'm just wondering whether or not if I'll be able to do my two favorite things after my Liver transplant. I've hunted most my life and hope I can keep doing it even after transplant. I'm a martial artist mostly in Wing Chun a style of Kung fu the two most well known practitioners were Ip man and his student Bruce Lee. I'm concerned that I may be limited or not really be even allowed to practice it after transplant.

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  • as far as hunting ....   someone else is probably going to have to clean  the game for you ... is my only restriction on  hunting and I am post heart  ....   

  • I'm a liver TX type guy and it has never slowed down my hunting or fishing or hiking.  That is after I got back on my feet and semi in shape.  You WILL loose some weight, some muscle, some indurance.  Can't be helped since you can't really work out for a while as you heal.  Be patient.  It'll come.

    • Just curious also when you hunt do you clean the animal yourself or have someone else do it because of immunosuppressant medicine.
      • I let someone else if can!!  But  usually don't get too many volunteers. I do it and have had no problems.  That said:dont cut yourself and if you do then clean that wound.  Now.  It's the animal just normal wound care you should always do except now you are more likely to get an infection.  Don't go all crazy, but take care of business.  If that would gets red get to a doc.

        I carry a "wound kit" everywhere I hunt.  Small kit on me to clean wound and cover it.  Larger kit in the car.  It won't do to get snagged barbed wire and not have cleaner, gause, tape, neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol wpes, bandaids, etc. 

    • Thanks for the positive words,this was making me worry a little. It's good to hear that once you heal you can start getting back to the things you like.
  • For Kidney Tx, they say no contact sport after the transplant since the new Kidney is not protected by any bones (Native Kidneys are protected by rib cage) I am not sure about liver tx though. 

    • There is a product on the market that covers your kidneys for contact sport. I would search to see if this product works and still exists.

      • Thanks Rise, I didn't know about this. Will check it out and ask my Dr

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