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  • Tacrolimus affected me for about the first 5 months,I started at 7 pills twice a day now down to 4 2x a day. I'm 9 months in not feeling as anxious. Feel better!
  • Yes, for sure!  I had a lot of anxiety during the first year, from both the Tacro and the prednisone.

    • Thanks for sharing. Did you notice a change after one year? (Hoping so, thiking positive) Jane
  • When you receive your tacrolimus, you should also receive a descriptive sheet that describes the drug in detail.  Included on the sheet, along with the "do's and don't's", foods to avoid, etc., is a list of potential side effects.  Shakieness and dizziness are prominent on the list.  Annoying, but unavoidable.

    • Hi Raley, I am Post transplant 17 months and have been on Tacrolimus since the beginning. The sheet(s) I received from the Pharmacy on the side effects of Tacro did not list "do's and don't's" or foods to avoid. It was a very basic/genetic list, much like the transplant manual I received after my surgery. If you know of any websites I can find more detailed information, please let me know. Thanks!
      • Hi Nancy,

        I am surprised and disappointed.  I thought everyone receiving this drug would be well schooled in its side effects, as well as foods to avoid, such as grapefruit.  

        All of this information is available online.  I urge you to search immediately to learn about this, and any other drug you are taking.  These are powerful drugs, with dangerous consequences if misused.

  • I am 5 months post kidney Tx. When I ask nephrologist about jitters - his reply "it's the tacro". Anxiety-"tacro", forgetfulness-"tacro". Totally agree with moosemom, I'm much more shaky/anxious when tired or haven't eaten. And it is a "stressful affair" (to put it lightly).

    Thank you Kidneyboy for awesome article. I have been so fatigued and weak...sounds like another "tacro" side effect.
    • hi Jane, I am also 5 months post TX. My shakiness went away after I figured out what and when to eat. I became a grazer, eating smaller portions more often helped me with the shakes.I am still experiencing fatigue and lack of energy, my caffeine consumption has doubled and some days that doesn't even help. I used to be very active and creative, now it takes all I got to water the plants. I left so many unfinished projects before my TX and they sit here mocking me to get off my butt and finish them!

      I take tacro 7 mg 2x a day and I take Cellcept 500 mg 2 x a day, plus some prednisone, Bactrim/septra and a lot of calcium. The steroid made me diabetic so I'm still on insulin and hoping once they take me off the prednisone ill be able to stop the shots.

      Seeings how we had our surgeries about the same time id like to chat with you more about what your're going through. you can write me at my e-mail if you would like to chat.

      Thanks to everyone else who also posted about the side effects of these drugs we will be taking forever, so much helpful information!

      with love


    • Expect the "shakiness" to be more pronounced in the first three hours after taking it, when blood levels spike.  This would not be the case with time released formulations.

  • Simply put.......YES!

    Tacrolimus & anxiety

    Will you have Anxiety with Tacrolimus - from FDA reports - eHealthMe
    Could Tacrolimus cause Anxiety? We studied 28,691 Tacrolimus users who have side effects from FDA and eHealthme. Among them, 160 have Anxiety. See wh…
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