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Hey all,

I am 6 months post kidney transplant, and I have been doing great.  The only recent issue is that my Cyclosporine level keep showing on the low side, so the doc's have now increased the dosage to 200 in the am and 175mg at night.  Is it normal for the Cyclosporien levels to drop like this?  Is it a huge difference if I am not on my EXACT time frame when taking morning and evening meds (few hours apart sometimes)?

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  • Hi Brielle,

    There are many factors that affect Cyclosporine (CsA) trough levels.  It is best that you allow your Tx team to remedy this issue, because they know you best..  Here are some facts to consider:

    There is a direct link between when you take it and when blood draws are performed (try to keep draws between 6  8 hrs from ingestion.)   Other considerations are changes in drug manufacturer, use with cholesterol lowering drugs, whether taken with or without food, and so much more. 

    I encourage you to ASK, ASK, ASK as many questions of your Tx Team, surgeon, and nursing staff to be comfortable with your plan of care.  I added some links about the drug and it's effects.  

    NIH - Cyclosporine


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