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Hello, friends, I had a kidney transplant 3 years ago but yesterday I had ear pain and turned out to be an infection on it, Doctor prescribed me 875mg of Amoxicillin for 10 days. How safe is to take Amoxicillin being a kidney recipient?

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  • Amoxicillin or other antibiotics were never been a problem to me. Just make sure to intake lots of water.

  • Amoxicillin was the go-to antibiotic when they made us take them prior to dental work. A full 2 grams worth at a shot. As long as you don't have problems with the drug for 'regular' reasons. It shouldn't be a problem but check with your transplant team if you are worried. Pharmacists know a lot too.

  • I have taken anit-biotics several times since my renal transplant 22 years ago (it's still working great!). My  Einstein-like doctor (Cyrus Cryst at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle) tells me to drink LOTS of water and that if I get diarrhea to call him immediately or even go to an ER for fluids via IV.  Taking anti-bioltics has never caused me problems, but I'm not sensitive to them,  so never get "the runs".

    • Congrats on your 22 years! I try to drink on a daily basis about 2 liters of water.
      I took the amoxicillin and didn't feel any side effects. Thankfully my ears and hearing are back to normal. Thanks!

  • My PCP prescribed me with amoxicillin for flu/ bronchitis in last year. I didn't have any problem. I also had one when I had dental procedures before.
  • Andres, Hi, i dont know the answer but you can always call transplant team/nurse and ask.
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