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kidney transplant location

just want to make clarification. I had biopsy last week. it was ultrasound guided. my nephro told me that donated kidney is located just below my navel, just above my bladder. is this normal? does our kidneys move? I thought it is in the right flank. right now, I felt pain in incision site, right side. I'm confused what's causing the pain. I don't worry however that it's my kidney as the nephro told, it's located just below the navel. hope somebody clear my mind on this. 4 months post TX.

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  • First off, as for the pain, I had weird pains off and on for quite a few years (I see your kidney is brand new). I don't remember when the pains faded (around year 2 maybe?). Basically, it's the nerves severed during surgery growing back.

    As for location of the kidney, that varies from person to person based on your anatomy. I had my kidney put on the left as I was going to get a pancreas later and they do better on the right (better access to the blood vessels). So your new kidney may have ended up a bit more central. But they are not put in the back (flank) but rather in the front so that ribs don't interfere with the surgery. It was a lot easier to put in that way.

    • thanks for comforting me about the pain. it worries me so much.
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