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want to say many thanks to the people who replied to my glad i found this forum it helps so much to get info from people who are on the same road as me and have an understanding of what its like trying to recover from tx. i had last tablet of prednisolone yesterday am hoping that i will feel a bit better in the coming thanks again. best of health to you all                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             william

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  • JUst curious.  How long did you take prednisone?

    I've been on it 3-years and now weaning off. Felt too long.  

    Again, just curious.

    • 3-4 months post transplant. The last month the dosage was so low I was hardly on it at all.
  • It all takes time but you will feel better. 

    Best of health to you

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