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Mammograms post renal tx

I am in my mid 50s, and current guidelines for how often to get mammograms is, for my age group, once every two years.  I have been having yearly mammograms for some time now and have never had an abnormal result.  Breast cancer does not run in my family.

I got a notice last week that it is time for my annual mammogram, and I am wondering if it is necessary.  I can find no research that suggests that immunosuppressants raise the risk of breast cancer, although we know that they do raise the risk of other certain cancers.

I resent being a victim of the medical industrial complex and do not wish to be screened for things for which I am at no greater risk than the general population, especially when it seems that someone else is making money of off it.

I am tempted to skip this year and have a test next year as per current guidelines.

Do any of you have any thoughts?

Thanks so much!

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  • If you do not mind me asking, when should one start getting mammograms? I am in my early thirties. Should I start getting mammograms earlier because I have had a transplant? I had thought that age 40 is the time to begin, but I am not sure about this. I did have a grandmother who passed away the year before I was born of ovarian cancer, but otherwise I do not know of any other family trends in my history. I will talk with my doctors about this, but I am curious what other people's experience has been.

  • There are SO many mix messages out there about mammos, I dont know what to say. I know being on the list I have to go because they seem to require it. 

  • Hi Moosemom,

    I hear you! I am in same category as family history and age group. I just had this conversation with my tx team nurse in January. I was told I can do the every TWO year mammogram. I rely on my tx team to guide me through what I need to do over all the other doctors that I have to see.

    Take care,
    Judy L.
  • Hi Moosemom

    I cannot tell you what to do but I will say I understand how you feel.  I have skipped a year here and there.

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